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Claim Scenarios

How your insurance can help you avoid a claim

Six months after an inspection, the client calls. During some remodeling, they found issues in the home that they think your inspection should have caught. They haven’t asked for you to pay for any repairs, but they sound upset and they’re looking to you for answers. How can you respond? You want to keep a…

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Is my claim covered?

InspectorPro Insurance policy

What does it mean when your quote and policy say, “THIS IS A CLAIMS-MADE AND REPORTED COVERAGE”? Do you know what it means to carry claims-made home inspection insurance? Most errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is claims-made. That means inspectors need to carry continuous coverage for protection from claims. Why is it so important to avoid a lapse…

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Claim Scenarios – Missed Mold, Sewer Backup, and New Roof

Claim 1: Mold Issue Not Reported The home inspector was notified of a claim regarding mold found in the home, that was not reported in the inspection report. The inspector had clear liability in not reporting the mold. The InspectorPro risk management team got involved and worked to resolve the $12,000 demand. After a thorough…

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