How to become a
home inspector in
South Dakota

Last Updated: August 28, 2023

Now that you have begun your journey to become a home inspector in South Dakota, you may be wondering about the South Dakota home inspector requirements. Do you need to buy anything? Attend any courses? Pass an exam? We cover all of that in our helpful guide below. You are going to have a wonderful time as a home inspector!

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What are the South Dakota home inspector requirements?

There are two levels of home inspectors in South Dakota: Registered Home Inspector and Licensed Home Inspector. You first become a Registered Home Inspector, and then you can become Licensed Home Inspector after a couple more requirements. These are regulated by the South Dakota Real Estate Commission. Here is the list:

  • To Become a Registered Home Inspector in South Dakota, you must:
    • Complete a 40-hour pre-licensing course for home inspectors.
    • Pass the National Home Inspector Exam.
    • Complete a national and state Criminal Background Check.
  • To Become a Licensed Home Inspector, you must:
    • Work for 1 year as a Registered Home Inspector.
    • Complete 100 for-pay inspections.

Whether you are applying to be a Registered or Licensed Home Inspector, you can find the Home Inspector Application online. After applying and paying the $200 application fee, you will be ready to go! But first, let’s talk about the requirements in more detail.

Become a Registered Home Inspector.

This is the beginning phase of your training as a home inspector, and it can set you up for success if you make the most of the following requirements:


While an approved 40-hour home inspector training course may seem like a big investment for meeting the South Dakota home inspector requirements, it serves a much greater purpose than just “ticking off a box” on the list. Getting training from experienced home inspectors can provide a solid foundation for your business and your skills. This course will teach you about the various systems and parts of a home that you will inspect, as well as report writing, and how to successfully manage the various parts of your business. But make sure that you choose a course from the approved list (linked here), otherwise it will not count towards this requirement.

While being trained look for opportunities to network, create relationships with mentors in your field, and ask as many questions as you can about how to run your home inspection business.

Pass the National Home inspector Exam.

Once you have completed the other requirements and submitted the application, the next step to fulfilling the South Dakota home inspector requirements is to pass the state-approved National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE). The NHIE is a 200 question exam that covers various parts of home inspections, including aspects specific to your state.

To prepare for this exam, review the materials from your home inspector course, and also consider using study materials from the exam providers themselves (found on their website). Also, ask other inspectors in your state about what parts of the exam they wish they had studied for more thoroughly. Doing all of this will keep you on track for passing the exam with flying colors!

Complete a Criminal Background Check.

You are required to complete a national and state criminal background check as part of the South Dakota home inspector requirements, including fingerprints. It is important to note that you will not automatically be rejected just because of a criminal offense–it will be reviewed before any decision is made. You can find information on how to complete this criminal background check on the first page of the application document.

Become a Licensed Home Inspector.

Once you have become a Registered Home Inspector in South Dakota, you can begin inspecting. Whether you work for another inspector or by yourself, you can fulfill these two experience requirements to the become a Licensed Home Inspector:

  • Work for 1 year as a Registered Home Inspector. It is as straightforward as it sounds.
  • Complete 100 for-pay inspections. Just remember to document these inspections in the Experience Log to submit along with your application to upgrade to a Licensed Home Inspector.

Congratulations from InspectorPro

We are cheering for you all the way as you work to become a home inspector in South Dakota. InspectorPro is always happy to help you however we can along the way. Reach out if you have questions, need help, or want to protect your business with the best insurance coverage available. Even though insurance coverage is not required for a license, it should be your top priority to protect your business with errors and omissions insurance and general liability insurance. To learn more about how these two coverages have protected inspectors like you, read the article on our blog.

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