What is the InspectorPro Insurance Program?

InspectorPro is a combination General Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance program. The program provides liability (General Liability and E&O) insurance coverage for structural inspections. Typically referred to as Home Inspector Insurance or Home Inspector E&O Insurance, the program provides insurance for both residential and commercial inspectors. The program is underwritten by one of the world’s foremost insurance providers and administered by Citadel Insurance Services.

Why Did Citadel Start This Program?

The InspectorPro team wanted to provide home inspector insurance at a lower cost to inspectors while expanding coverage to meet their specific needs. By working together as a group we are able to achieve lower rates, lower deductibles, better customer service, and provide an easier way to get insurance than before!

Do I Qualify for This Program?

Anyone from brand new to experienced as a home inspector is eligible to apply for this program. To be considered for coverage please fill out the application. Home inspector insurance quotes are usually available in less than 24 hours. If you would like to speak with an agent directly, please call 866-916-9419.

Can I Be Covered for Additional Services and Advice That I Provide to Clients, even if I Charge a Fee for Such Services?

Yes, coverage can be available depending on services provided. Please refer to the insurance contract for specific terms and conditions or ask one of our program managers

What Limits of Liability Are Available?


What are the Deductibles?

$1,000 General Liability
$1,500, $2,500 or $5,000 Errors & Omissions

What Basic Coverage is Available Under the Policy?

InspectorPro provides insurance for both the cost of legal defense and claims settlements (judgments). Coverage is provided for both general liability and errors & omissions during the rendering of, or failure to render, property inspections. This includes (but is not limited to) activities relating to property inspections.

Is Coverage Available for “Agent Referrals”?

Inspectors required to provide coverage to referring agents can easily provide their agent’s with proof of coverage. Proof of coverage is provided via endorsement. A simple email or phone call with the agent’s name and address immediately provides coverage. As an added benefit to you and your agents, all of your contacts will receive updates should your coverage change, renew, etc. Thus they can stay assured that your coverage is in force and they can be covered for your negligent actions when referred by them!

I Faxed or Email my Application on a Weekend or Holiday, Does Coverage Begin Immediately?

Your coverage will begin after all the documents are received and processed. Coverage cannot be bound through a phone call, fax, or email. A binder is sent to you when coverage is in force. If you have questions regarding when your policy is effective, please call the office at 801-610-2700.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Monthly or Annual payment options are available. For monthly options 25% is required before binding coverage with the remaining portion split out over 9 payments. Payments are accepted either via credit card or EFT (bank draft), or the traditional statement and payment method.

What Extended Reporting Period is Provided?

Inspectors are given a two-month extended reporting period should their coverage lapse, cancel or non-renew. As the policy concludes an insured could purchase an Extended Reporting Period of up to 3 years. If you would like further details regarding the ERP, please call the team at 801-610-2700. Inspectors who renew their coverage with InspectorPro are obligated to report any known claims prior to renewal, however, if a claim arises for past actions which were unknown they can be covered under the policy in place when the inspector first becomes aware of the claim.

Am I Covered for Prior Inspections?

Yes, prior acts coverage is available and provided with proof of previous insurance. Coverage is provided if indicated on the application and you had previously purchased insurance coverage. The retroactive date is determined by the first date you began to continuously purchase insurance. Proof of previous insurance coverage can either be faxed or emailed.

Are Legal Fees and the Cost to Defend a Claim Included?

The cost to defend a claim is included in the limit of liability.

What is Considered a Claim?

A claim is technically defined as a written demand for money. However, if you have questions about whether or not you should report an incident or situation to the insurance company, please visit our claim’s assistance page.

What Happens if I have a Gap in Coverage or Do Not Renew in Time?

If you do not renew on time you will lose any retroactive coverage.

The InspectorPro Program

The InspectorPro insurance program is specifically design for home inspectors. By combining errors and omissions (E&O) with general liability insurance in one package, InspectorPro helps inspectors get the full coverage they need with substantial savings.

The InspectorPro team has well over 50 years of combined experience providing specialized insurance solutions in the real estate field. Our claims managers have administered and defended claims for property inspectors and other real estate services companies for over 20 years.

Carrier Highlights

Carrier Highlights:

$4.84 billion in revenues

6,200 employees

Rated A (Excellent) and financial size X by A.M. Best

Carrier Highlights

All of our inspectors get complementary claims assistance. If you are in the situation where you might have to file a claim, we are here to provide expert advice and tools to guide you through it.

InspectorPro is more than just your insurance provider. We exclusively focus our expertise on the home inspector industry in order to provide the best insurance product available.

We protect. You inspect.


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