State-Specific Pre-Inspection Agreements

Exclusively for Home Inspectors Insured with InspectorPro

Your pre-inspection agreement is your first line of defense. But not all agreements are created equal.

With over 14 years of experience handling home inspection claims, we’ve used our insight into the most recent claims, case law, and legislation to create up-to-date, state-specific pre-inspection agreements for inspectors like you.

Tailored to you and your state, these agreements offer the most proactive protection against claims for your peace of mind.

We’re so confident in our pre-inspection agreements, we’ll give you a $1,000 discount off your deductible should you choose to use one.

Why use our pre-inspection agreements?

$1,000 Deductible Discount

If you receive a claim while properly executing our pre-inspection agreement, we’ll offer a $1,000 discount off your deductible. When paired with additional discounts, you may lower your deductible to as little as $0.


Your pre-inspection agreement stands up best in court when it’s tailored to your state’s legislation and case law. Many inspectors use boilerplate templates or hand-me-down contracts, leaving holes in their defenses. We routinely update our agreements to ensure you have the strongest, most up-to-date versions possible.

Superior Claims Handling

Shouldn’t the person defending you be the most familiar with your contract? Because we crafted these agreements with your defense in mind, our team can use them to resolve claims faster and cheaper. Get the necessary provisions to protect you.

It costs nothing! Our pre-inspection agreements are an additional benefit available at no additional cost to our clients. All you need to do is be one of our insured inspectors with an errors and omissions (E&O) and general liability (GL) policy.

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About InspectorPro

In 2009, we saw a need in the home inspection insurance industry. Across the nation, there were tens of thousands of home inspectors protecting the millions buying and selling homes every year.

But who was looking out for them?

Back in 2009 and even now, there were not and are not many insurance companies that offer programs catered to the home inspection industry. Sure, there are plenty of agencies that offer cookie-cutter professional and general liability insurance policies, but they don't understand the risks unique to the inspection industry.

That need for a custom insurance solution for home inspectors is how InspectorPro was born.

Here at InspectorPro, we strive to offer solutions that meet home inspectors' specific needs. We live and breathe the home inspection industry.

Today, InspectorPro Insurance is the leading home inspection insurance provider in the nation. With a reputation built on superior claims handling and quality customer service, we give clients peace of mind. Our risk management tools work to change the litigious culture plaguing home inspection businesses by helping inspectors educate their clients and avoid claims.

Our errors and omissions and general liability insurance policies are built to serve your unique business needs. Insuring with anyone else simply isn't worth the risk.

Learn more about important provisions.

In 2020, we examined best practices for crafting effective pre-inspection agreements. Each month, we discussed an important principle or provision that strengthen inspection contracts. Read the articles in the series by clicking the links to our blog below.