Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Your Home Inspector Business

Workers’ compensation insurance isn’t just for big businesses. If you’re running a home inspection startup and looking to hire employees, it’s a key piece to your coverage puzzle.

But not every workers’ comp policy is created equal. After all, you and your inspector-employees have a dangerous job to do, facing a unique combination of risks not seen in other industries. You need workers’ compensation insurance designed for home inspectors, and home inspectors alone, with an insurance provider that understands your needs.

What is workers’ comp? What does it cover? Does your state require you to carry it? Get the answers and start your workers’ comp coverage with a free quote below.

What is workers’ comp for home inspectors?

A workers’ compensation insurance policy provides employees with medical and wage benefits. Unlike general liability (GL), which covers bodily injuries and property damages for non-employees (for example, an agent or client who’s wounded from your inspection), workers’ comp supports your employees by covering injury or illness costs they incur from their jobs.

In doing so, your workers compensation insurance accomplishes two things:

  1. It reduces employees’ on-the-job stress by ensuring they can continue to make a living and support their families if they experience a work injury.
  2. It helps you as their employer avoid unnecessary claims if such an accident does arise.

What can your workers’ comp policy cover?

Your state determines your workers' compensation insurance benefits. Generally, however, you can expect coverage for expenses such as:

  • Medical bills incurred from an employee’s work-related illnesses or injuries
  • Wages your employee loses while recovering
  • Medical rehabilitation, such as physical therapy or vocational rehabilitation if an employee needs to change roles
  • In the event the employee dies, their family’s funeral costs and lost income

How likely are your employees to experience an accident? As many can attest, the home inspection industry is rife with dangerous scenarios. Some examples we’ve mentioned in past articles include:

  • A broken arm from falling off a slippery roof 
  • Heatstroke while navigating an attic on a hot summer day 
  • Burns from touching an energized circuit
  • Cutting your head on a protruding nail in a crawlspace
  • Sickness from inhaling mold

Our intention is not to frighten you. Rather, we want to set realistic expectations for how suddenly injuries can happen. That’s why, even if you’ve only hired one part-time inspector, acquiring workers’ comp insurance for your small business will make responding to emergencies that much easier.

What perks do you get with InspectorPro’s workers’ compensation insurance?


You may be surprised to hear that most carriers don’t do a lot of work with home inspection businesses. That's because they see the industry as too small or too risky. As a result, when other providers do cover home inspectors, they often label them incorrectly as other professions like general contractors or even blind installers. This can lead to severe exclusions, with workers not having coverage for using ladders or walking roofs.

We work exclusively with home inspectors using one of the largest workers’ comp underwriters in the nation. This means we can offer more options and value than other workers' compensation insurance companies.


Like our errors and omissions (E&O) and general liability (GL) policies, workers’ comp with InspectorPro comes with a dependable reputation spanning more than a decade. Our insured home inspectors attest that we go above and beyond to advocate for you–even before you’ve signed a policy with us. Between our personal communication and online resources, we strive to provide top-tier risk management tools and quality customer service.

Here, superior service and claims handling aren’t just a slogan. It’s what we do. Read our Google Reviews to see what other home inspectors have said about us.


Making sure your claims are covered is one of our chief aims. To that end, we’ve partnered with an insurance carrier backed by the strengths of a Fortune® 500 company. Plus, A.M. Best, the only global credit rating agency for the industry, supports our carrier with an “A-” (Excellent) ranking. In essence, this high score shows our carrier’s fiscal vigor and credit-worthiness.

Are you required to get workers’ compensation insurance?


Your business is in a U.S. state other than Texas.


You have any number of employees, full or part-time.


You hire independent contractors or remote workers.

Avoiding Claims?

You want to avoid employee illness and injury claims.

If you’re running or even just starting a home inspection company with employees, workers’ comp might seem superfluous. This is particularly true for small inspection firm owners who think they need a large, full-time team to warrant the expense.

In reality, even if you have just one worker–including independent contractors and remote employees–experts recommend workers compensation insurance. Furthermore, it’s required in all 50 states except Texas. For state-specific resources about mandated workers’ comp policies and cost factors, visit our dedicated article. To navigate your general home inspector insurance requirements, find your state here.

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