Stephanie Jaynes

Marketing Director Stephanie Jaynes simplifies complex insurance and legal concepts to help home inspectors protect their livelihood and avoid unnecessary risk. Her articles have appeared in publications like the ASHI Reporter, CREIA Inspector Magazine, and the InspectorPro Blog. She’s been a guest on NACHI TV, Spectora Spotlight, The ASHI Online Learning Center, The Successful Home Inspector Podcast, Today’s Home Inspector, and the Home Inspection Authority Podcast. Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts from Mills College with a major in creative writing and a minor in journalism. She has also earned her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation from The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys trying new recipes and taking walks with her husband and son.

Illustration of a black scale against a yellow background, with a green plus sign on the left and a red minus sign on the right. Used to illustrate asking if home inspector is a good career and weigh the pros and cons of being a home inspector.

Is ‘home inspector’ a good career? Pros and Cons of Being a Home Inspector: Part 1

By Stephanie Jaynes / March 1, 2024

In December 2023, American employers faced an interesting predicament: There were 9.5 million job openings, but only 6.5 million unemployed workers, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. With a surplus of employment opportunities for a limited workforce, laborers had their pick of the litter. Many self-starters and building enthusiasts looking for employment consider a…

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Zoomed-in image of elderly man and woman sitting together and signing a home inspection contract on paper, smiles on their faces.

12 Ways to Get Your Home Inspection Contract Signed Before You Start

By Stephanie Jaynes / February 15, 2024

In 2017, a couple discovered their “dream home.” Wanting to buy, they approached the seller and negotiated a price and a closing date. They shook hands on it. But weeks later, the seller still hadn’t signed the corresponding written contract. It didn’t matter how badly the couple wanted the house. It didn’t matter that they…

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Woman wearing a toolbelt inspects an air conditioning unit and explains her home inspection findings to a realtor or client. Photo courtesy of Structure Tech.

Are home inspectors in demand?

By Stephanie Jaynes / January 1, 2024

Home inspector Matthew Steger of WIN Home Inspection Elizabethtown in Pennsylvania remembers when he bought his first house in 1998. The interest rate was seven percent–same as when we wrote this article. But the property? The value has more than doubled.  While many homeowners jump for joy when their properties appreciate, Steger is less enthusiastic.…

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man in button up shirt with hand in bandages

Workers’ Comp for Home Inspectors: A guide to everything you need to know

By Stephanie Jaynes / December 1, 2023

Not long ago, we were looking at a home inspector’s workers’ compensation policy with another insurance carrier. Unknown to that home inspector, their carrier wasn’t familiar with the inspection industry. Despite their lack of know-how, the carrier didn’t want to turn the home inspector away. Instead, the provider sorted the client into the closest group…

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Tail Coverage: Preserving Claims Coverage When Leaving the Industry

By Stephanie Jaynes / November 1, 2023

Planning for retirement? Interested in another field? Thinking about selling your business? Then you should consider home inspector insurance tail coverage. No matter your reason for making a career shift, it’s important to know how the change could affect your insurance coverage. After all, no one wants an uncovered lawsuit from an old client to…

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washing machine and storage in laundry room

Warranty vs Insurance: Key differences for home inspectors

By Stephanie Jaynes / October 1, 2023

A home inspector received a call from an inspection client, who complained of settlement issues and a failing foundation. The sprinkler system had been slowly saturating the property’s foundation. So had the lack of downspouts attached to the gutters, which had led to more standing water seeping into the foundation. While the home inspector had…

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Black background featuring expensive looking silver watches, like the one described in this crime insurance coverage example.

Crime Insurance Coverage: Your protection against inspector employee dishonesty, theft, and forgery

By Stephanie Jaynes / September 1, 2023

When one home inspector picked up the phone to hear an angry client yelling on the line, he wasn’t surprised. As a home inspector of 25 years and the owner of a multi-inspector firm, he’d had upset clients before. But there was something different about this call. The client wasn’t accusing them of missing mold…

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How insurance endorsements protect your inspection business from specialty inspections

By Stephanie Jaynes / July 1, 2023

Let me introduce you to two home inspectors. Both faced mold claims, and both lacked adequate insurance coverage to protect them from the claim but for different reasons. Meet Dirk. Dirk’s client called after their 11-year-old son began experiencing respiratory problems for months after moving into the house. After the inspection, they’d discovered mold, and…

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two white ceramic mugs on white background

Certificate Holder vs Additional Insured: Differences Inspectors Need to Know

By Stephanie Jaynes / June 1, 2023

Imagine: Your daughter is getting married. You plan an intimate luncheon for close relatives and friends to celebrate. Your daughter is excited–a bit too excited. As she tells people she’s getting married, she invites them to the party. When the wedding and luncheon day arrives, your small gathering of 30 has turned into a party…

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close-up of fence with sunlight reflecting off of it

How to choose the right home inspector insurance limits

By Stephanie Jaynes / May 29, 2023

Imagine: While inspecting an upper unit of a luxury apartment complex, you left the tub running and caused water damage to that unit and the several beneath. One of the tenants below was a serious fashion designer, whose entire collection for their upcoming show was ruined. Another tenant was an elderly widow with Alzheimer’s who…

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woman writing on documents

7 Common Questions About the Processing of Insurance Claims and Their Answers

By Stephanie Jaynes / May 1, 2023

Ten home inspectors walk into a bar. Each of the 10 inspectors works in a different part of the country, all with  different levels of experience and expertise. Hours pass by–the 10 home inspectors enjoying their drinks and chatting about business in their home states. As they’re closing their tabs, a lawyer approaches and hands…

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Insurance Deductible Explained: What Inspectors Need to Know

By Stephanie Jaynes / April 1, 2023

Two home inspectors receive claims for unidentified water intrusion. Both are at fault. And yet, one home inspector pays $1,500 to resolve the issue while another pays $5,000. The difference between the two: their deductibles. As the example above shows us, it isn’t just the cost at renewal (your premium) that matters. You should also…

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