Tanner Weyland

Through articles, newsletters, and social media posts, Content Marketing Specialist Tanner Weyland provides risk management education to home inspectors nationwide. A Brigham Young University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, Tanner is a proven communicator with the ability to translate difficult insurance ideas into layman’s terms. In his spare time, Tanner enjoys taking road trips, playing card games, and making pizza with his wife.

Man writing an inspection report using defect classifications.

What Are Good Inspection Report Writing Practices for Defect Classification?

By Tanner Weyland / July 15, 2023

Defect classification is difficult for home inspectors, especially when so many issues are deeper and more serious than they appear. An inspector in Florida found this out for himself when both his phone and emails started blowing up with messages from a past client about major foundation damage. Three months before, he inspected the single-story…

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Picture of an injured teddy bear representing a client injured during a home inspection with a bandage.

Client Injury During a Home Inspection: The 4 Danger Zones

By Tanner Weyland / June 1, 2023

Getting hurt on the job can rattle any inspector. But how would you react if it wasn’t you but your client that got injured during a home inspection? Some inspectors might freak out, worrying about next steps. Others might feel angry at the client. Some might worry about their wallet’s ability to handle unforeseen medical…

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Is your client past due on a foundation inspection claim?

Past Due: A Home Inspector Foundation Inspection Claim

By Tanner Weyland / May 1, 2023

Some foundation inspection claims against home inspectors can lie in wait for years beneath a home. Then, when your client hires another inspector or professional to inspect, those cracks and shoddy supports can reach up from their metaphorical grave to surprise you. You might think that clients would be hesitant to accuse you of missing…

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Photo of state capitol building for an article on state requirements for home inspector

To Regulate, or Not to Regulate: State Requirements for Home Inspectors

By Tanner Weyland / April 15, 2023

If your state doesn’t have state requirements for home inspectors, they may soon. As this article reports, some states, like Maine, experienced a massive migration of homebuyers from more populous and expensive states into their less expensive and less crowded states during the COVID pandemic. This influx has led the receiving, unregulated states to rethink…

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What is the certificate of insurance that this insurer is handing a home inspector?

What is a Certificate of Insurance? A Guide for Home Inspectors

By Tanner Weyland / March 15, 2023

Pretend you’re a home inspector who has just been asked to inspect a newly built, single-family home. As you prepare for the inspection, you get an email from the builder requesting that you send them a copy of your certificate of insurance. You may wonder: What is a certificate of insurance? Does it cost money?…

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For Black History Month, this article discusses how Black home inspectors chose different paths.

Four Journeys, Four Destinations: A Black History Month Inspector Spotlight

By Tanner Weyland / February 1, 2023

Starting a career in home inspection is difficult for anyone, regardless of their background. Each journey comes with its unique set of challenges and triumphs, as the four home inspectors in this article can attest. In a way, you must recraft yourself into someone new to fit the role. You must change who you are…

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Does the subcontractor you are shaking hands with meet subcontractor insurance requirements?

Subcontracting Insurance Requirements: What to Know When Using Subcontractors for Specialty Inspections

By Tanner Weyland / January 1, 2023

Does your client want a pool inspection, but you aren’t trained to inspect pools? Did you schedule two pest inspection for the same time? Do you have the skills to perform a radon test but don’t have enough monitors to go around? Subcontracting may be your solution. A subcontractor is a business or person you…

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photo of a growing plant as an example of your home inspection insurance company's expectations for you

Great Expectations: What Home Inspection Insurance Companies Expect

By Tanner Weyland / December 15, 2022

Home inspectors, you expect a lot out of their home inspection insurance company. You want them to be there for you when you call. You expect financial coverage for claims. And you want access to legal expertise. But with all these great expectations that you have for your insurer, have you ever thought about their…

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an old white house for a home inspection

If These Walls Could Talk: Managing Risk With Old House Inspections

By Tanner Weyland / November 15, 2022

When you perform a home inspection on an old house, you’re turning a page in history. You see historical construction methods, old or outdated materials, and fascinating (or worrying) structural designs. This makes old houses and historic homes both exciting and risky to inspect. Time leads to decay, shoddy repairs, and concealed defects, which can…

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standley social media

Building Trust With Social Media: A Home Inspector Spotlight

By Tanner Weyland / October 15, 2022

In our Inspector Spotlight series, we take a closer look at individual inspectors making an impact on the inspection industry. How do you get referrals as a home inspector? You start by building trust. If a realtor has confidence in you, they can become a steady source of inspections. If a former client appreciated your…

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inaccessible defects

You Shall Not Pass: Home Inspection Claims for Inaccessible Defects

By Tanner Weyland / September 15, 2022

Even if your standards of practice (SOPs) include certain systems and components, those areas can be inaccessible. Bad weather, furniture or other obstructions, and lack of clearance are just some of the circumstances that can inhibit your inspection. One inspector learned this the hard way when he was inspecting a home’s roof during winter. While…

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Watch Your Step - A Condo Inspection Claim

Watch Your Step: A Condo Inspection Claim

By Tanner Weyland / August 15, 2022

The following is a condo water damage claim from our home inspector insurance claim archives. To protect the insured’s identity, all identifiable characteristics—including names, associations, and locations—have been omitted or removed. It was spring break in Florida, and one of our home inspectors was inspecting a condo. It was on the second floor of a…

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