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Top 5 Claims Against Home Inspectors

As an exclusive home inspection insurance provider, the InspectorPro Program faces claims against home inspectors often. After nearly a decade of defending inspectors, we’ve come to find some significant patterns. Consequently, we’ve discovered that the same allegations continue to be common. Since we want to help you avoid the industry’s most common claims, we’re sharing those allegations with you. Read the infographic below to learn the top 5 claims home inspectors face each year and what you can do to mitigate your risk.

What you need to know

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top 5 claims against home inspectors

What you can do next

Protect yourself from the most common claims today by getting a free quote with InspectorPro. And don’t forget to keep educated on insurance and industry tips by reading our blog.



Editor’s note: InspectorPro originally published a Top 5 Claims article in November 2016. However, this post has replaced that article to include more accurate, current, and comprehensive information.