Announcing Partnership with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)


ASHI Partnership Announcement:
InspectorPro Insurance Announces Premier Partnership to Advance Risk Management Education and Provide Better Claims Protection

(August 1, 2018) —Today, InspectorPro Insurance and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) announce their Premier Partnership to advance risk management education and provide better claims protection in the home inspection industry.

Through the Partnership, ASHI members will receive regular information regarding claims prevention, trends, and risk management techniques thus enabling ASHI home inspectors to better protect themselves from potential demands. Further, the availability of InspectorPro’s pre-claims assistance, errors and omissions, and general liability programs will allow ASHI members to gain access to insurance and legal resources essential to safeguarding their home inspection businesses.

“For a decade, we’ve loved and served ASHI home inspectors. Their integrity, knowledge, and industriousness sets them apart from others in the field,” said Ryan Osborne, Program Director of InspectorPro. “We are excited to serve ASHI members at a greater capacity so that they can have more peace of mind and confidence at every inspection.”

Risk management needs are growing in the home inspection industry as the nation continues a culture of litigiousness. Such a culture requires that inspection professionals have accurate information and applicable skills to protect themselves from unwarranted complaints. Inspectors also require insurance policies that can meet their coverage needs and handle claims appropriately. Hence, the ASHI and InspectorPro Partnership allows for a streamlined distribution of claims prevention education and claims protection.

“ASHI’s excited to partner with a company that shares ASHI’s mission and values,” said ASHI Executive Director James Thomas. “We believe that InspectorPro’s risk management education and insurance programs will benefit many of our members.”

Educational content from InspectorPro will begin appearing in the ASHI Reporter in August 2018. Insurance policies, including pre-claims assistance, are available to ASHI members for purchase from InspectorPro.

ASHI partnership announcement

About the American Society of Home Inspectors

Founded in 1976, ASHI is the oldest and most respected non-profit, professional organization of home inspectors in North America. Its Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics is the industry standard. For more information, visit ASHI online. To stay connected to ASHI news and updates, please visit the association’s Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

About InspectorPro Insurance

For a decade, Citadel Insurance Services’ InspectorPro Insurance has given inspectors peace of mind through coverage for their specific industry. Further, InspectorPro’s risk management education and pre-claims assistance programs have helped home inspectors mitigate risk and prevent claims. To stay informed of risk management and industry news, subscribe to the company’s newsletter and follow InspectorPro on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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