Don't leave COVID-19 claims to chance.

As a home inspector, you're used to being the scapegoat. If there are post-inspection defects in the home, if a property sale falls through, or if a subcontractor's bill is too high, you often receive blame.

But what about coronavirus-related claims? Can or will buyers, sellers, and brokers blame their home inspectors if they contract the virus?

No one knows for sure how many consumers will blame service providers for infecting them with COVID-19. Nor do we know how their complaints will hold up in court.

Don't wait to find out. Download our free waiver of liability to help mitigate coronavirus claims by clicking the button below.

covid-19 waiver

Free COVID-19 Waiver of Liability

for Home Inspectors

Mitigate your risk of buyers, sellers, or brokers blaming you for contracting coronavirus with our free waiver of liability. By getting the waiver signed prior to inspections you conduct during the pandemic, you can decrease your chances of being held responsible for damages arising out of COVID-19.

Here are some quick tips to use the waiver effectively:

  1. Get it signed prior to the inspection. Like your pre-inspection agreement, your waiver of liability needs to be signed before you start the job to stand up in court.
  2. Make sure everyone that could sue signs. That includes buyers, sellers, brokers--anyone that may be present at the inspection or on the property soon afterward.
  3. Adapt it to your needs. Make sure the form is valid in your state with the help of a local attorney. You may also want to put the form on your own letterhead.
  4. Keep your signed waivers on file. Even if someone signs a waiver, they can still file a claim. Make sure to keep copies of your signed releases in case a claim does manifest.
  5. Continue to carry general liability insurance. Waivers of liability don't substitute your need for general liability insurance. Be sure to carry adequate general liability coverage for indemnity and defense.

Ready to mitigate coronavirus' risk to your home inspection business? Complete the form below to download the waiver.

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