One lawsuit can bring down a business.

It happens more often than you think: An unhappy home inspection client files a claim or sues their home inspector, and the lawyers fees alone can bring the company down--even if the client's claim was frivolous. Not all insurance is the same, and if you don't carry the right insurance for your business, you could expose your business to losses you can't recover from.

Learn from our free download "4 Types of Home Inspection Insurance and Why You Need Them" how to safeguard your home inspection company against unhappy clients by carrying the proper insurance coverage.


4 Types of Home Inspection Insurance and Why You Need Them

Whether you're a new or seasoned inspector, buying home inspection insurance can be daunting. With mile-long policies and seemingly identical advertising, it can be tough to determine exactly how insurance providers differ. More importantly, without an insurance or legal background, it's hard to know what coverage is necessary.


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