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Learn the steps you and your employees must take to file workers' compensation claims before disaster strikes.

The InspectorPro Workers' Compensation Claim Guide

What to Do When an Employee Gets Injured at Work

Inspecting homes is a dangerous job. From slick roofs to feral animals, rotted subflooring to invisible toxins, the average home inspector faces countless perils during their career.

You and your employees' safety matters. Don't wait until one of you gets hurt on the job. Learn now what to do when there's an injury so you can qualify for the medical bill, lost wages, rehabilitation, and death benefits covered by your workers' compensation policy.

In the InspectorPro Workers' Compensation Claim Guide, we discuss:

  • how and when to get medical help
  • what to expect when filing a workers' comp claim
  • how to find doctors covered by your insurance
  • what happens when your claim is/isn't covered


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