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Home Inspections

Repairing Electric Radiant Heating Systems

Recently I wrote about inspecting electric radiant heating systems per ASHI standards. While it is a valuable service to inspect a home and note those things which may need attention, you will add a tremendous value to your clients by providing diagnostic and repair recommendations for faulty systems. Diagnosing Electric Radiant Heat System Failures The…

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10 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

There are a number of costs associated with buying a new home. You’ll have to pay fees to your realtor, possibly your lawyer as well as the cost of your new mortgage itself. All of these expenses add up, making it easy to consider that paying for a home inspection just isn’t worth it. However,…

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Preparing For A Home Inspection

Here’s an article you can give your Realtors/Brokers on some things to look out for or upgrade before the inspection is done on the house to help keep the sales process moving forward smoothly. Research shows that home buyers will more likely buy a house with a ‘clean bill of health’ from an inspector who…

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5 Most Common Excuses Inspectors Use When Filing Claims

Yes, these are direct responses to excuses that are made by inspectors when they file claims.  More commonly, these are not the new inspectors, but the veterans, who have been doing inspections for a while.  It does not matter how fantastic of an inspector you are, or how thorough, you are, you are not immune…

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How to Inspect Electric Radiant Heating Systems

Electric radiant heating systems have been popular since the 1950’s for their energy efficiency and unparalleled “cozy” feel. Though there are a variety of manufactures on the market, both for new construction and retro-fit installations, and though systems can be installed in ceilings, walls, or floors, inspecting these systems in accordance with the ASHI standard…

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Top Ladders Preferred by Home Inspectors [Survey]

According to our survey, here’s the breakdown of which ladders inspectors most commonly use. Unsurprisingly, most inspectors stick to one specific type. Multi-Position: 60% Most inspectors prefer to use a multi-position ladder, also known as an articulating ladder, in fact 60% of inspectors said that they carry one of these handy ladders. They can be…

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